Porch and Yard Sales Are Opportunities for Giving

Saturday was our community semi-annual Porch and Yard Sale. The morning started with rain. Since we don’t have a yard, we planned to set up tables on our tree lawn. The rain caused us to move to our side porch. With our tables in place on the porch, minimal sale items flanked a door leading into our home. During the rain, few visitors stopped by before 8am. After rain subsided, more buyers visited.

We met a gentleman new to the neighborhood who runs a ministry for veterans. Three Christian-oriented books sat on a table. We gave them to him for his ministry. He was grateful. Later, a woman commented on a pair of decorative vases. She didn’t want to pay the six dollar price tag. We asked, “Do you like these? Would you like them?” She replied, “Yes.” We gave them to her. With a huge smile on her face, she offered God’s blessing on us as she left the porch.

A man interested in a printer stopped by. A black leather pencil holder sat in front of it. We negotiated a price for the printer. We said, “You need something to put your pencils in.” He wasn’t interested. We said, “No, we would like you to have this.” A smile lit up his face. He was grateful to receive the pencil holder, walking away, pleased with a printer and leather pencil holder.

A woman and her mother forgot where they had parked. The street names she gave to us didn’t make sense. I said to my husband, “Should I offer to drive them to look for their car?” Then my brain’s lightbulb came on, I knew the street they were looking for. I caught them at a crosswalk. Mystery solved.

Community residents stopped by to say hello, sharing what they were looking for. We weren’t looking for anything other than to find new homes for accumulated possessions that were no longer useful to us. Looking back, we received blessings, meaningful conversations, smiles and good wishes.

Many people live in poverty. They couldn’t put things out for a porch and yard sale. They need things from you. How can you help them?

A few hours during a Porch and Yard Sale reminded us of Matthew’s record of the words of Jesus in chapter 6, verses 19-21: “Stop collecting treasures for your own benefit on earth, where moth and rust eat them and where thieves break in and steal them. Instead, collect treasures for yourselves in heaven, where moth and rust don’t eat them and where thieves don’t break in and steal them. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Where is your heart? What treasures are you collecting for heaven? What do you give from your abundance to help others?