Find the Recipe Please

Late in the day, I hear words from another room.  “They don’t have it anymore.”

“Who doesn’t have what?”

“Canada, they don’t have the salmon.”

“Canada? What salmon?”  I begin to think that there’s been an environmental accident.

He is searching the internet to find EPCOT’s Le Cellier Steakhouse Restaurant recipe for Maple Glazed Salmon.  The restaurant is in the Canada Pavilion at EPCOT’s World Showcase. I’m working on a project with a deadline that demands deep concentration.  I’m interrupted.  I hyperventilate, losing my concentration.  I pull out our oversized 2006 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival cookbook.  The salmon recipe isn’t in the book.

Somebody save me, I thought.  Being the family “queen of resources,” I take my iPad, knowing exactly how and where to search for the recipe.  I locate it, show it to a frustrated husband, and return to my work.  My husband is happy.  Le Cellier still has salmon on its menu, prepared another way.

The voice from the kitchen speaks, “Do we have pecans?”  Preparations begin.

Salmon Ornament

Salmon Ornament from Alaska

The wild salmon exceeded his expectations.  He remarked that he thought it was probably the best Maple Glazed Salmon he had ever prepared.  He didn’t overcook the pecans like he had the last time.

Later that evening while fixing lunch for the next day, he couldn’t find any ham for his sandwich.  He was frustrated, again.  I’ll get ham for him.  I insisted on going to the local grocery, a tourist “nerve center” that attracts vacationers looking for food to fill cabinet shelves in vacation housing.  During the day, the aroma of fried chicken cooked in hot grease hovers over the grocery store parking lot.  Maybe it serves as a tourist magnet, attracting vacationers to the store.

I enjoy people watching and observing selections vacationers put into shopping carts.  Distracted by vacationers, I had to ask for help to find ham.  My “queen of resources” tiara grows dim.

For the Maple Glazed Salmon recipe, click here:

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