The Business of Autumn

During autumn, once life-filled leaves begin to fall to nourish the earth, making way for new growth in the spring that follows winter’s stillness.

Letting Go

Autumn Brings Opportunity for Growth

In the midst of purging through a forest of file folders it became evident that lives have passed, lessons have been given and opportunities for growth sit on new paths waiting to be discovered.

Address changes, special greetings, thank you notes, do I toss or keep? A wastebasket sits by my feet ready to swallow what I discard. It isn’t easy to put some things into a wastebasket, but it is time to let go, turn towards the next season while holding in my heart names and faces I see when reading a hand-written address or note from someone who is no longer on this earth but may be looking down from one of heaven’s windows.

I hold a card with a photo of a black and white cow wearing a colorful sombrero. Inside the card, the words “Moo-chas Gracias” appear. The writer couldn’t find an appropriate card picturing a chihuahua, her favorite dog. Her card also contained a two page hand-written note on yellow legal paper written a decade ago. I can’t let go of it. The writer passed in April. I will treasure it. In part she wrote:


Being There Can Be Enough

If you run across a cow wearing a colorful sombrero, remember, “Being there can be enough to get us through.”


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