Have you helped someone get along a little better today?

My family picks up bread from a local Panera Sunday nights. Monday morning, we package the bread into family friendly portions. Monday afternoons, we take the bread to local motels filled with homeless families and children. Today we had an abundance of bread, french baguettes, dozens of bagels, loaves and loaves of sliced bread. Almost every week, regardless of the quantity of Panera’s donated leftovers, God provides the exact amount of bread to serve the children and families who stand in line to receive.

Today was no different except we had 3 bags of bagels left. At the last minute, we encountered a mom and her children who were grateful to receive the bagels, stuffing them into their school backpacks.

My niece’s son is a freshman at college. We “face timed” with him last night, meeting his roommates and a study partner. Introduced to amazing college freshmen planning majors in biomedical, aerospace and other engineering specialties, we talked and laughed together.

We talked about the perspective of the Block “O” of Life, its purposes and goals.

A Block "O" for Life

A Block “O” for Life

This afternoon, I texted my nephew with a visual of the Block “O.” He was preparing to donate blood. I was humbled by his giving spirit. I recalled times he visited us, helping us package bread, pass it out, helping to deliver Christmas and Easter meals to families living in poverty. I am grateful that there is a new generation that realizes the importance of caring and giving to people living on the fringes of society, those who are marginalized through uncontrollable and unforeseen circumstances. There is hope.

Because the poor won’t be forgotten forever, the hope of those who suffer won’t be lost for all time. Psalm 9:18, CEB



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