I Was a Graduation Party “Stage Hand”

On touchdown, 3 days before graduation, I felt like a roadie touring with a sophisticated rock band sitting in the last seat of a tour bus. “What do you want me to do next?” was my mantra. I rounded corners on photos for photo boards, swept floors and observed divas preparing delicious dishes for a graduation celebration. I had become a graduation party stage hand. I loved every minute of it.

Two divas rode in on clouds of expertise, taking over the kitchen to prepare mac and cheese and cheesy potatoes from family recipes. One of the diva’s sons was graduating the same day. Giggles and fairy dust filled the kitchen as macaroni cooked and potatoes were prepared filling the kitchen with aromas of comfort food. Within an hour, several casseroles complete with baking instructions were relayed to us “roadies.” The kitchen was left cleaner than before the divas arrived. Excited chaos reigned as we watched clouds carry the divas of delicious dishes to the next destination.

On the day of the party, a family friend drove up carrying more fruit than Brazilian Bombshell Carmen Miranda could fit on one of her signature fruit hats. If you want fruit kabobs that could grace the cover of any food magazine, you will need to call Melissa.

I don’t know what would we have done without the graduate’s friend David. He schlepped piping hot casseroles and kabobs to a neighbor’s waiting garage. It is encouraging to know that David goes to the same university that our high school graduate will be attending in the fall.

Rocco and Ginger Watch as soon to be Graduate Leaves.

Rocco and Ginger Watch as soon to be Graduate Leaves.

But wait, it is graduation day! Rocco and Ginger watch as the graduate leaves the house for the formal graduation ceremony. A pot of geraniums sit on the porch. (Geraniums have all sorts of meanings but according to the International Geranium Society, the flowers Americans most commonly refer to as “geraniums” are not true geraniums at all, but are actually pelargoniums. Both belong to the Geraniaceae family and both are native to South Africa, imported to America in the 1700s. Though similar in appearance they have notable differences.) Doesn’t this description of geraniums sound like the human race? Aren’t we all similar in appearance but have notable differences? Don’t we all belong to God’s family whether we were “imported or were born here?”

Dad Hugs Son Leaving for Graduation Ceremony

Dad Hugs Son Leaving for Graduation Ceremony

I’m a good “roadie” who takes instructions well, especially for celebration preparations. Congratulations to all Graduates. To some of you, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your celebrations.

Twenty-two Graduates in One Community

Twenty-two Graduates in One Area of the Community

Every day is a cause for celebration. How are you celebrating God’s amazing gifts He has given you?

Graduate with Parents

Graduate with Parents


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