Fairway and Greene and Garden Clubs

The theme of our local garden club’s end of the year luncheon was “Pretty in Pink.” I am not a “frilly or any kind of pink” woman. The luncheon was at our local public golf course. What better day to pull out my “Fairway and Greene” golf pants to pair with a paisley pink shirt to wear to the luncheon.

I thought back to the time when I played golf with my husband on the Golden Horseshoe course at Williamsburg, VA. It was so hot on the course that fans were blowing on every green to cool them down. Never mind that I was sweating like a plump pig sitting in a trough, the fans were there to cool down the greens, not the golfers!

I recall golf lessons at Orange Beach Golf Academy. At the end of the first day’s lesson I said in a “911” voice, “Find a drug store, I’ve gotta get some Epsom Salts.” My shoulder was killing me! Our second day of lessons included a round of golf with the Golf Academy’s pros at Cypress Bend, Craft Farms in Alabama. We loved our lessons and time there so much, that we gifted lessons to my husband’s boss. One-to-one individual instruction with Rick Trevino (a son of golf’s legendary Lee Trevino) was superb.

Our golf games continued at our home course, playing early evenings after my husband came home from work. Oh, there was a church tournament too. We came in second. I was the “putting queen,” playing with my husband, the youth director and a gracious gentleman from our church.

But wait, a few years later, we traveled to Houston, Texas for a meeting that included a golf tournament. A friendly male competitor remarked, “Your driver looks like an iron skillet. You can hit anything with that.” I didn’t let his comment intimidate me. Our foursome won the tournament. I won’t bore you with my hundreds of bad drives, putts, awfully poor golf and my love of observing a golf course’s wildlife more than the game. These things are a story for another time.

Back to the garden club luncheon, a newer member and resident in our community asked if I knew of any women who played golf. Luckily I did, pointing her in the direction of a friend who plays in a women’s league at the golf course hosting our luncheon. The two connected. I was pleased.

In my very old Fairway and Greene classic golf pants purchased years ago at a tent sale during one of Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Classic Tournaments, I loved combining gardening and golf at the luncheon, and the “swag” we received.

Garden Club "Swag" including Cayman Islands Rum Cake Recipe wrapped with pink ribbon

Garden Club “Swag” including Cayman Islands Rum Cake Recipe wrapped with pink ribbon

Even at a garden club luncheon on a beautiful golf course, God is working. The theme of this month’s “Alive Now” magazine is “Hospitality.”  Welcome all to a garden club gathering, a book club, a golf league, a shopping trip, or to a Bible study. Let God’s hospitality flow through you so that you can bring His Kingdom to life through a welcoming heart.



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