Buy Local

A trip to Port Canaveral last Friday included lunch at a restaurant featuring fresh Florida fish. Both of us scarfed down the delicious Cobia (lemon fish) sandwich on a pretzel roll. Locally caught, very fresh fish. The trip’s purpose was to scout out my husband’s planned fishing trip on Wednesday.

A fresh fish market at Port Canaveral

A fresh fish market at Port Canaveral

Buy Local.  Question your Supplier

Buy Local. Question your Supplier

A few days after our Port Canaveral trip, I stopped at a specialty market to purchase fish for dinner. I purchased tuna imported from Indonesia. I avoid farmed fish, salmon, talipia (aka Frankenfish), catfish, and any other farm raised fish which drives my husband slightly crazy. The store was offering a deep discount for “fresh frozen” wild salmon though by 1:30 in the afternoon, they were sold out. I asked for a rain check for the “fresh frozen WILD King Salmon.”

Most intriguing was a sign on avocados at the store. “Fresh from Mexico” it read. Living in Florida, I wonder why grocers don’t offer more “Fresh from Florida” avocados?

Fresh from Mexico??

Fresh from Mexico??

Perhaps Florida avocados are being flown across deep waters to international destinations. I succumbed, buying two “organic fresh from Mexico” avocados because the price was right and an avocado’s skin is tough enough to keep out pesticides, plus, you don’t eat its skin.

I am thankful for country of origination labeling however, I am an advocate for local produce and fish. While living in Louisiana, we often purchased fresh catfish from the “Des Allemands Outlaw Katfish Company,” at Lac Des Allemands, Louisiana. It was a well worth a drive for fresh catfish from the waters of the bayou.

What are your thoughts and preferences for local produce? For fish? Do you have a local grocer of preference you would like to share?


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