Have You Written a Thank You Note to God Today?

 What Will You Thank God for Today?

Our great-nephew arrives Tuesday to spend part of his senior year Spring Break with us. He is a Disney “zealot” whose life goal is to work for Disney. Of course he wants to visit the parks. My husband’s ticket allotment allows three guests to enter the parks. What were we to do? We weren’t going to waste a three guest admission for our beloved nephew. He understood.

“People say they have tickets they haven’t used. I’ll check around. No one wanted to give up tickets because of block out dates,” my husband said. There is lots going on in the parks these days.

Working parking at ESPN Wide World of Sports during Atlanta Braves Spring Training one day, a woman had locked her keys and cell phone in her car.  My husband stayed with her in the empty parking lot. The locksmith company had come once, couldn’t find her and had left. My husband contacted the company, leaving his cell phone number, waiting with the woman till the locksmith arrived.

My husband impressed the woman with his care. At the time, he didn’t know that she was a fellow cast member. She asked, “Is there something I can do for you?” He told her that he needed two park admission tickets, asking her if she might know of someone who may have tickets they wouldn’t be using. Three days later, the woman told my husband that she has more tickets than she can use, handing him two e-tickets for park entry.

In the meantime, our great-nephew contacted us, telling us that Grace (imagine that name) would be visiting her grandparents during Spring Break. He could join her family to visit the parks. We met Grace when we brought her to her grandparents from the airport during last year’s Christmas Break.

One of our thank you notes to God is, “Thank you for Grace. Thank you for the generous woman who gave us two admission tickets for our great-nephew to enjoy during his Spring Break.”

What will you write in a Thank You Note to God? 



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