When Grace is not so Amazing

Good reading.

Resistance & Renewal

Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas Well Bono’s words about Karma and Grace have proved to be a bit popular.  In almost 3 years R&R has had 100,000 visits.  In just 4 days that more than doubled.

But what is it about Bono’s words that so connected with people? What has led 90,000+ people to share it on facebook?

The power of grace

Some of it relates to the interest in what celebrities say.  Some of it is due the arresting combination of raw language and passionate conviction. But a key part is the subject matter itself: because the grace is at the heart of Christianity and Bono’s words captured something visceral and urgent about its relevance and power.

Ethical problems

And yet…doesn’t grace present ethical problems?  Isn’t Karma a lot more fair: you get what you deserve. Doesn’t all this talk of grace give people a free licence to do whatever they want?  If people are simply…

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