The Foodie in Me

In January, we dined at the Walt Disney Resort’s California Grill.  It was the first time we had been there since its re-opening. A few years earlier, we celebrated my soul sister’s February birthday at this renown restaurant.

February is a busy time in our home. My husband is preparing for the annual conference of an organization he manages. During his preparations, he thinks we should have a nice dinner before he boards his plane for the conference. I’m up to my elbows with my own “stuff” to do, to file, to clean, to prepare but my “stuff” is nothing compared to his conference preparations.  “Okay,” I say.  We went to the Flying Fish Cafe at Disney’s Boardwalk.

Expect Fine Food at the Flying Fish Cafe

Expect Fine Food at the Flying Fish Cafe

I was reluctant, not so enthused because of “stuff” on my overflowing plate that I could better manage if put on a large platter.  The Flying Fish is a favorite of my husband’s.  He wanted to sit by the kitchen. We sat at the restaurant’s bar, side by side, noshing on food worthy of any fine restaurant in the country, reminding me of a favorite birthday spot in New Orleans, Peristyle, where the portions were refined, delicate, and filling. After dinner at the Flying Fish a few nights ago, I have decided that it is a personal favorite in the world of the Walt Disney Resort.

On our ride home, I began to reminisce, thinking of Colorado and the Arapahoe Cafe where we met a young waitress I will call D. D is the mother of an  8-year old son who loves to read. She is a Christian mother living and working in a secular environment. We had a lovely visit, chatting more than we probably should have. D’s faith leads her life. Her son’s full name is made up of three prominent names that are in the Bible’s Old Testament. Remarkable. We pray for D and her son, thankful that our paths crossed. By the way, the Arapahoe Cafe serves good food. We noshed on some spiritual food while dining, thanks to D.

Arapahoe Cafe

Arapahoe Cafe


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