Daisies for Daisy

Daisies for Daisy


Daisy will be euthanized in an hour read the text message including a request for prayers.  A precious family pet suffering through cancer is saying her last good-byes.  There is no good time for good-byes, ever.  Precious Daisy, a rescue dog, came into the family with many health issues, needing emergency-like care in many instances.  She was loved beyond love, cared for and adored for many years.  Letting go, saying good-bye is heart-breaking.  It is time to let go, as the family has selected, to free Daisy to go to the “Rainbow Bridge” to be welcomed, free of pain and suffering, welcomed into God’s Kingdom.

Too many lately, beloved husbands, fathers, mothers, friends, have passed the threshold from this life into the arms of Jesus.  I am thankful that I have been touched through them, their memories, their love, never to be forgotten, but cherished down deep inside my heart and, I am sure, in your heart too.

I am thankful for Daisy, for her love and care in our family.


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