While You Are Sleeping

A whirlwind week continues.  Computer issues.  Computer search engine issues.  External backups.  Apple Genius appointment after listening to Pastor Jad provide insights to John 8:1-11, Sunday’s sermon text.  “Jesus, Risk Taker, Rule Breaker, Grace Maker.”  Pastor Jad provided us with a copy of the scripture from the “Common English Study Bible.”  I’m putting this Bible on my acquisitions list after a recommendation from a beloved and respected friend.

A tour of the Stetson Mansion took the most part of my day.  My husband was at home, wrestling with my computer issues that continued after hauling my Mac to the Genius Bar the night before.  I was having a good time at the mansion while my husband was on the phone with Mac experts well into his morning.  The day’s weather was spectacular.  Owner JT gave an outstanding tour of the Stetson Mansion. If you have never toured Stetson Mansion, put it on your list of things to do. It is a stunning place, filled with history as the mansion sits comfortably in the 21st Century.

I’ll be traveling “Church Road” tomorrow morning, 6:45am, while you are sleeping, driving past a mosque, Jewish Temple, Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopalian, other churches, not losing sight of the Mormon Church Temple, on “Church Road.”  Why am I up early and about on a Saturday morning?

Contemplative Outreach of Central Florida is conducting a Facilitator Workshop at 9am, at a Methodist Church on “Church Road.”  I get to help set up and attend the workshop.  Not to leave out Presbyterians, the Church of the Lakes Presbyterian Church, served by Pastor Ferdi Brits, from South Africa is right around the corner from the Methodist Church that graciously opens its space for the workshop and for the Contemplative Prayer Group that I get to meet with Tuesday mornings.

My simple lunch is packed.  I’ll gather my Bible and writing paper before I leave in the morning.  A friend gave me a ticket for my husband to have breakfast at tomorrow’s local Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast fundraiser.

My husband will indulge in pancakes, visit with friends and have a splendid time, I’m sure.  I’ll be drinking in words that will help me along the contemplative way.  Solitude.  Silence.  Service.  “Silence is God’s first language, everything else is a poor translation,” Fr. Thomas Keating.

To learn more about centering prayer, visit http://www.cocfl.org


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