Good Spiritual Food

A Bad Food Day

Lawdy me, I should have made Beth Moore’s Broccoli and Rice casserole for lunch this past Saturday.  Thanksgiving week, 2012, Moore posted the recipe on her Living Proof Ministries blog, ( adding “or else” to the recipe’s title, referring to her family’s love for it at Thanksgiving.

A local church hosts 500-600 people at their annual, open to the community Thanksgiving Day dinner.  Caring people provide turkeys, cook, and prepare side dishes for guests.  Some families who attend the church’s Thanksgiving dinner cannot afford to buy food for a Thanksgiving meal.  I prepared Beth Moore’s casserole in large quantities for last year’s dinner.  It is a joy to prepare something for others.

The end of July, a friend emailed wanting to know if I would check with a local church to ask if they could host a Beth Moore simulcast scheduled to take place 14 September 2013.  Nine emails left us with no local place to watch the simulcast.  In August, the resolve of the simulcast issue was still on my mind.  My friend purchased tickets to watch the simulcast at a church 30 miles away.

After discussing the possibility of linking the simulcast to my semi-large screen television, I purchased the simulcast at the last minute, so that I could watch it at home.  I emailed invitations to a select group of women.  With the aid of a technical assistant (my husband), the simulcast streamed smoothly.  Watching the “No Longer” simulcast that was about Grace, with other women was wonderful.

I prepared a green salad with cheese tortellini for lunch.  My salad dressing was a bust.  Bland would be a kind word to describe it.  I usually include a coarse mustard in the dressing but today I did not.  What was I thinking?!

Earlier that morning, my husband was chief cook for the monthly Men’s Pancake breakfast at our church. Food preparation didn’t go well for him.  He described using a new pancake batter that was uncooperative.  Stubborn pancake batter took its time to get done.  Fresh blueberries floated on top of some of the poured pancake batter.  I imagined them resembling an old-fashioned dotted swiss sundress rather than delectable pancakes as he described them.  The new brand of link sausage packaging hindered quick preparation.  Nine dozen eggs, scrambled, some with cheese, took their time getting done.  The cheese, like the blueberries, sat on top of the eggs.  An astute assistant microwaved the eggs to get them cooked before the day’s speaker began his talk.  After the breakfast, my husband called a couple of guests to ask about the food.  They were happy with the quality.

If I host another Living Proof Live Simulcast, I’ll be sure to include coarse mustard in salad dressing.  Or, I’ll make Beth Moore’s Broccoli and Rice casserole.

Feed the Hungry

Feed the Hungry

What our guests at two events may not have received in food, we hope that their souls were satisfied with Christ-Centered food.  For the hungry in your community, if your budget allows, donate something to a food pantry.

© Barbara Moran and barbaramoranblog, 2013.


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