Family Visit

The flight to Philadelphia was quiet.  Forty-four passengers on board.  Picking up a rental car equipped with bluetooth, we headed to New Jersey, detouring through Yardley, PA for an outdoor lunch at The Colonial Tavern.  The weather was perfect for a stroll in New Hope, PA which sits on the West Bank of the Delaware River.

We visited family, putting 600 miles on the car.  We drove to the Jersey Shore in pouring rain to visit Ocean Grove and Seaside with one of our grandsons.

We visited the Turtleback Zoo with two other grandchildren.  The Essex County Zoo is billed as the number one zoo in New Jersey.  The grandchildren enjoyed seeing the capybara.  The world’s largest rodent looked like a piece of shredded wheat to me.  I must have been hungry.  At lunch, we gave half of a sandwich and chips to another family.  Wolves and bears made appearances late in the afternoon.  You can visit the zoo’s website by clicking here

Having ice cream at Day’s Ice Cream, a short walk from the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association’s Great Auditorium, was an extravagant treat.  The three of us savored Cherry Vanilla, Blood Orange and Hazelnut ice cream.  The shop shares a courtyard with their Starving Artist restaurant.  A distant poster announcing a book signing intrigued me.  In a few days, the author of Thirty Days in the Kingdom would be at the restaurant.

Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association Great Auditorium

Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association Great Auditorium

Being at “God’s Square Mile at the Jersey Shore,” I assumed that the book would be inspirational or Christian-themed.  I walked to read the poster’s details.  The self-published book is about spending 30 days in a row at Disneyland.  I was amused at my assumption.  You can learn more about Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association here

While at the Jersey Shore, a perpetrator entered our bedroom.  The blue-eyed, 4-legged perp made off with Lorna

D is for Dog

D is for Dog

Doone cookies, half of a Lindt & Sprüngli cocoa bar, and a package of  Medjool pitted dates.  We arrived late, finding empty containers and wrappers strewn across the gigantic dark room’s carpet outside our bedroom.  We made a quiet trip to the kitchen, searching cabinets for a trash bag to destroy evidence.   After the pilferage, we ensured that our bedroom door was shut tight.  A brown-eyed accomplice, an older sister, was most likely coerced into participating in the raid.  Both are rescue dogs.



In a few weeks, we will welcome our youngest granddaughter to the “Happiest Place on Earth.”  The perp and the accomplice will remain at home.  Keep the doors closed and cross check.

Our return flight was full of children traveling to visit the Walt Disney World.  Everyone applauded when the plane landed.  We will applaud when our youngest granddaughter arrives.

©Barbara Moran and barbaramoranblog


One thought on “Family Visit

  1. Pretty neat – Do I know about things they will do after sitting for Rocco, Ginger, Brutus & Colby – Ginger was into toilet paper and she could dismantle a whole role in 5 seconds – she was also wanting to tackle all the other 3 to see what they would do or could do and then you would hear a yelp and I think they were telling Ms. Ginger to go lay down or be good – Bobby Called her TAZ she is fearless and does not like to be made over when she is exhausted you will find her flopped out

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