Book Talk

The books are talking,  “What shelf will I be on?  Am I going to get new neighbors?  What about the books on the third floor? Do you think she is going to integrate us?  I heard Nevil Shute’s Pastoral will be joining us.  That book is beat up, stained, and is an old, worn, wartime book.  Why should it come down from the stacks to mingle with us? Why doesn’t she do us a favor and buy the re-issue?  I don’t want to be near any sixty something year old book.”

Stuffed in boxes, plastic crates, and a laundry basket are the remaining books that used to live on the shelves in a stand-alone cherry bookcase.  The books have temporarily moved from their cozy home to make way for built in shelves that will be crafted and installed in a few days.

Displaced books shelved

Displaced books shelved

The remaining library label holders from Levenger should be put to use by the end of next week.  Using dangerous personal logic, books are grouped by most frequently used, subject, author, reference, biography or other personal classification of choice.

I hear one of the books mumbling, “If she puts me beside Jason Berry’s Last of the Red Hot Poppas, I’ll jump from the shelf.  I’ll sit by any Louisiana book except that one. I don’t care what she thought about it!”

Tomorrow I’ll separate the chattering books or cover them with soundproofing until shelves are done.  Their cramped closeness must be taxing their spines.

It’s a good thing, Number One supervisor has made a choice to work at a Habitat House during installation.  He realized his potential to meddle might make installers nervous.  He used good judgement.   Number one called.  He wants to go to the lumber yard to look at Beadboard.


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