Celebrate Me Home

There has been darkness in this week of long summer days.  A friend’s brother-in-law unexpectedly passed away.  On Monday, my husband will fly to the Northeast to attend a memorial service for a friend’s spouse.

A 16-year old classmate of my great-nephew lost his life in a tragic car accident today.

Broken hearts.  Devastation.  What is there to hold onto?

A few years ago, over the Forth of July, we attended at a Kenny Loggins concert with a special friend who was battling a very rare and lethal form of cancer.  The time spent with him and his family, we cherish to this day.  We wanted to visit him over Thanksgiving that year but his family suggested another time.  His condition was critical.  For his safety, it was best if we did not visit.  He passed away a few months later,  a day before his niece’s birthday.  We miss him.

Youngster Jacob Jolly was suddenly taken from family and friends today.  Hearts are broken. He was a child.  Many are grieving.

From the Fourth of July Kenny Loggins concert with our beloved friend, I recall the song, “Celebrate Me Home.”  For my friend’s brother-in-law, our friend who has lost his wife, and for a teenager, let us Celebrate Them Home.  They have fallen into the arms of Jesus, in Heaven, we rejoice.

When we take communion, we will celebrate with them, as difficult and painful as it may be.  Our hearts are hurting.  Our hearts are filled with hope as we Celebrate Them Home.


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