Let Your Light Shine

Preparing a package to send to a friend reminded me of a story about letting your light shine.

A beautiful and well bred Southern friend hosts her church choir to an elegant Christmas party every year.  One particular year, the party at her home was a bit unusual but guests didn’t have any idea about what was different.

While finishing final details the last hour before the party, she tripped, falling down a steep flight of stairs.  Her shoulder hurt but she continued with preparations.  Her daughter had to help her dress.  The pain in her shoulder was becoming more severe.  Before guests arrived, she swore her family to secrecy about her fall.  They were to tell no about her aching shoulder.  No one was to know that she took a dive down the stairs.  Guests arrived.

After the party, she asked her daughter to take her to the hospital emergency room.  She was discharged with a dislocated shoulder.  Showing up wearing an arm sling at choir the following Sunday, she told her story to a flabbergasted bunch of choir members who had attended the Christmas party.

This is only one of many women who let their light shine while enduring pain.  This particular woman just happens to be from and lives in the South y’all.  

Get out there and Let Your Light Shine!

 ©Barbara Moran and barbaramoranblog


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