Parking garage top floors can give one a new perspective if time is spent to take in the view.  We were moved by this new perspective of familiar sites.  Walking to a work out, I pulled out my phone.  I read two disturbing text messages, sharing them with the friend.  Though we were walking through attractive spaces, I was reminded that all is not well in the world.  We walked, sharing random thoughts and ideas.

I remembered asking a teenager fresh from a week-long retreat, “What was the best part of it?”  After a long pause, the teenager responded that making new friends was one of the best parts.

Wisdom from a Teen

Wisdom from a Teen (used with permission)

This quote from a teenager caused me to think of great things that my friends have given me or great things I’ve learned from them.  Times when I’ve locked my keys in my car, when I’ve needed to borrow something, times when I’ve needed someone to talk to.  A friend has come to the rescue.

Friends are gifts who share the journey.  A good friend is a gift that keeps on giving.


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