Thirty-Dollar Salad

A Spring Break houseguest surprised us Easter morning with a personalized basket full of candy and chocolate.  We went to church to celebrate Easter.  A few days later, after our guest had departed, we found a thank you note with money designated for the next week’s church offering.  Our hearts were touched.  We keep a guest book and require all overnight guests to sign.  Departing the building is not permitted unless guests have signed the book!  Nothing else is required.

A week following the departure of our guests, I attended a program covering how older generations can communicate their faith journey to younger generations.  “Be transparent.  Share your story.”  The instructor talked about serving as a youth pastor, describing how 4th graders were presented with Bibles.  The 4th graders were also given a pitcher.  The pitcher was to remind them that they were a vessel that God fills up so that they could do what God wants them to do, filling themselves up with the right things so that they could pour themselves out for others.  The instructor told the class that John 13:34 was written on the bottom of every pitcher.  I loved the idea.

I had already ordered Sarah Young’s devotional, Jesus Calling, to give to our teenage Spring Break guests.  After hearing about the pitcher, I was on a mission to find the perfect pitchers for our young guests.  I pondered where I could find pitchers.

About a week later, my husband asked me to pick up his favorite salad from a local restaurant.  I had several errands already scheduled, picking up and dropping off donated hotdogs, chips, sodas and buns for an upcoming food pantry lunch, dropping off photo paper to a friend and now picking up a salad for my husband.

The restaurant where I was picking up my husband’s salad was the place I had selected to purchase the pitchers.  I had done my research to locate small pitchers that I could mail to our guests.  After completing the other errands, I rushed into the restaurant, looking at pitchers to purchase to go along with the Jesus Calling devotional.  I found pitchers!  The salad and pitchers were charged to our credit card.  My husband downloads credit card charges.  He has yet to ask me about his thirty-dollar salad.

If you are wondering about John 13:34, it reads in the NIV:

“A new command I give you: Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”Image

God calls.  How will we respond?


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