What does Holy Week Mean to You?

23 March 2013. Palm Sunday is tomorrow. The past week was over-filled with diverse activities. After a Saturday editing workshop we exited into heavy traffic that doubled our travel time to return home. We moved at a slow crawl in bright afternoon sunlight. Crawling along let us observe buildings and activities we zipped by on our way to the workshop, travelling 70 miles an hour.

Walking through my neighborhood with two architects who pointed out features I’ve missed as I’ve zipped past parks, bricks and Live Oak trees was a restful interlude in my over-committed week. Water features, park benches, waste receptacles, flowers, and gentle flowing fountains took on new perspectives. The outdoor places call me to rest in their inviting spaces.  I need to make time for them.

A lecture on writing and publishing by a local author gave me practical information presented with charm and wit to a mostly female audience.

Cramming in a juicing demonstration presented by a home-grown expert on Wednesday morning, I toasted the day sampling fruit and vegetable drink combinations with names such as Green Gator Go Go Juice and Carrot Cake Smoothie. I left feeling “drunk” from avocado, mango, spinach, pineapple, coconut and almond milk mixtures that were whirled around in a heavy-duty blender.

Meeting with my Tuesday prayer group, I brought up St. Joseph’s Feast Day. In New Orleans, there is a parade. The St. Joseph’s Day parade is quite special. Cabbages are thrown and handed out instead of beads. I described some of the beautiful altars of food that are in homes or places of worship.  One of the women in my group showed us a fava bean that she has carried since she was a child. She had been given the fava bean from a St. Joseph’s Day altar many years ago. She shared that her grandson always asks if she still has the bean.

At our Friday morning group, we were asked, “What does Holy Week mean to you?” My husband said that ever since he saw the movie “The Passion of the Christ,” he has thought differently about Holy Week. He spoke about the physical violence and how Christ remained silent. I saw the movie in Orlando. As I exited the theater, I ran into my pastor. He commented that he thought he had better see the movie since he was already getting questions about it. There was heavy traffic on I-4 as I traveled home from “The Passion” that Friday afternoon in 2004.

The History Channel’s mini-series “The Bible,” continues to receive excellent reviews. We haven’t missed an episode. Someone said, “Hollywood didn’t understand why so many people were tuning into the series.” Watch “The Bible” on Sunday nights, 8pm, ET.  The Reelz channel premiers  “Barabbas” on March 25, 9pm ET.  Get the popcorn ready.

What does Holy Week mean to you? We will have spring break houseguests, family visiting. We will expect heavy traffic going to church. We will stand in line to get into church Easter Sunday. We will celebrate the Resurrection with family and friends.


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