Bird’s Nests Are Missing

A few minutes before four yesterday afternoon, a text message read “Do you like coconut?”  Five minutes later, four coconut bird nest cupcakes were delivered to me in the alley behind my home. The cupcakes were on a paper plate decorated with a butterfly, baby chick, and white polkadots.  I woke up this morning to find one cupcake remaining on the plate. The cupcake has four jelly bean “eggs” resting on top of a green coconut bird’s nest sitting on white icing.  A husband with an over-active sweet craving lives in the house. The middle-school child delivering the cupcakes will be pleased to know her creations were a big hit.

It is the fifth week of Lent. A new Pope has been elevated. He has taken the name Francis. He encourages simplicity. I need simplicity.

My desk is covered with paper, spiral notebooks, and writing journals containing random thoughts. My Siesta 2013 spiral sits waiting for the next scripture memory verse to be entered. The verse will be Isaiah 40:31: but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.

In 1992, Easter Sunday was on April 19. My church sponsored a 5K run/walk.  I invited a young friend. We were given T-shirts to wear. “Isaiah 40:31” was printed in large letters on the back of our shirts.  The front of our shirts is shown in the photo below.  I have kept my T-shirt folded in a drawer. The 5K took us through quiet neighborhoods, returning us to the church’s fellowship hall to feast on a spaghetti dinner.  After listening to my friend’s story, I invited her to live in my home for a few weeks.

IMG_1869She was preparing to enter medical school and needed a place to stay before she left for a school in the south.  My home had never been cleaner than when she was a house guest.  She was fastidious. I had never feasted on healthier food. She was a vegetarian who loved to cook. Though she loved cats, she treated my dogs like they were hers. She brushed them, fed them, and walked them. I don’t know if she waits on the Lord. I don’t know if she looks to the Lord to renew her strength. I know if she doesn’t, he is waiting on her. It is the fifth week of Lent, I wait and watch for the renewal of spring, for songbirds’ nests to chirp with new life. Resurrection is coming.


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