Mediterranean Diet and Clutter

Note to self…..  Sit down to write before the clutter to the senses hits like a tsunami. Is it a bad omen when potatoes mush up in the veggie soup?  Three quart jars of soup with limas, spinach, peas and corn sit in the fridge, left over from last night’s veggie soup binge.  One jar will go to an unlucky neighbor.

“Experts” are talking up the Mediterranean Diet, again.  Seven glasses of wine! Boo hoo, no Taramosalata, Tzatziki or Tiropita for me. I’m tempted but the Daniel Fast will keep me at arm’s length during Lent.  A recipe from a Greek inspired cook book for roasted carrots with rosemary and sage sound good.  My spouse loves carrots.

No use taking scissors to my parsley crop. There may be butterfly eggs on the leaves. I’m not taking any chances.  Mediterraneans use a little parsley in their recipes.

Four years ago, the screened porch became an accidental hostel for chrysalises and caterpillars turning into beautiful butterflies. I had to help them to freedom.  All because I purchased organic parsley plants from an area nursery.  The plants carried butterfly eggs that hatched on my back porch.  I drove all over town to purchase more parsley plants because of the ravenous appetites of colorful caterpillars.


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